Tournament Results
last updated 7/24/1999

Tournament Locations:

Global Link will be holding regular tournaments beginning Sat Oct 16!. See News section for details and directions to Global Link!!!

ZAPP! Video Game Arcade has closed. Tables have been moved to Global Link, above.

9/1999: Frankie went to USTSA Worlds and took 1st in Semipro Singles, 1st in Forward Shootout, and won another table as the winner of the playoff of the best Semipro finishers in Open Singles. See full Worlds Results Page.

As for Las Vegas, the USTSA Tornado Pro Tour Hall of Fame Classic, it's all over and done with, and I have some early reports of Hawaii winners! See a picture of Gordon & Ross in the final round of Rookie Doubles

5/1999: Check out that new orange latex-rubber innertube handle used by many on the mainland... It's a mountain bike inner tube, I've seen the one by "Continental." I'll try to list availability soon.

Tournament Results -
July 10, 1999 Aloha ZAPP DYP Hawaii Masters Tournament
1st Clay Sato & Layne Boyner
2nd Kevin Snodgrass & Rich N
3rd Winston VanTreese & Kevin P.
4th Gordon Furuto & Kawika
On this last night for ZAPP!, there were certainly enough people, so we started a DYP. It was appropriate that owner Layne Boyner should place first, but it was a tough road, due to the surprise appearance of mainland semipro Kevin Snodgrass from Nebraska, whose consistent game won them the winners' bracket. Throughout the tournament, Kevin's rollover was unstoppable by most goalies and combined with his consistent passing game, there was no surprise that his team should take the winners' bracket. But Clay Sato's mainland-style tournament-hardened play recovered from their only loss to Kevin & Rich to make it through as the winner of the losers' bracket. Layne's phenomenal defense (was he reading some telegraph from Kevin?, or did he just have a great D?) won them the first match in three out of five games. For double dyp-ing, the final match was the losers' bracket format of 2 out of three games, and Clay and Layne came back in marathon style, with Clay's often surprise pickup lightning pull shots. As always, Winston and Gordon played consistently and took the 3rd and 4th places.
Layne is keeping his foosball tables and vending them to Global Link. See the Hawaii News section for directions to Global Link
Photos from this night will be up soon...
5/4/99 Hawaii Masters Tournament at ZAPP!
1st Clay Sato
2nd Gordon Furuto
3rd John McDonald
3/11-3/14/1999 USTSA Tornado Pro Tour Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas, NV
(local players' results)
  • Frankie (Frank Balecha), Semi-Pro Singles (264 entries), 2nd place
  • Frankie Balecha and Peter Algoso, Semi-Pro Doubles (141 entries), 1st place
  • Frankie Balecha, Rookie Singles (173 entries), 1st place
  • Gordon Furuto, Jr. and Ross Nagaji, Rookie Singles, (104 entries), 1st place
  • Frankie Balecha and Peter Algoso, Open Doubles (164 entries), Rookie Table Winners (1 table each!)
  • Winston VanTreese, Semi-Pro Doubles, (141 entries) 5-6th place w/Dale Trynchuk
  • Marv Puha, Semi-Pro Doubles (141 entries) 5-6th place w/Bruce VanBuskirk
    click here for pictures & details of this national tournament, as well as full Team Hawaii results (3/22/99)
    2/27/1999 First Annual Hawaii State Championships of Foosball at ZAPP!
    Open Singles
    1st Frankie Balecha
    2nd Peter Algoso
    3rd Winston VanTreese
    4th Clay Sato
    5th/6th Gordon Furuto/Layne Boyner
    7th/8th John Ueshiro/John McDonald
    Open Doubles
    1st Frankie Balecha & Peter Algoso
    2nd John McDonald & Clay Sato
    3rd Winston VanTreese & James Masaki
    Goalie Wars
    1st Frankie Balecha
    2nd Ross Nagaji
    3rd Raty Phomenone
    Hawaii Masters Singles at ZAPP! 1/9/1999
    1st Frank Belecha (Frankie)
    2nd Winston Van Treese
    3rd Jim Fujimori
    Summary: I wasn't there, but Frankie came out of "retirement," and although he was rusty, he took first place, of course. I heard he is joining "Team Hawaii" and going to USTSA Hall of Fame Classic in Vegas, and he has a great chance of doing well. Ex-local Marv Puha, who plays in mainland tour events, thought Frankie was definitely pro level! I can't wait to see how our whole Team Hawaii performs, and hear their stories! Las Vegas results of any locals will be posted here.
    12/5/98 17&Under Singles at ZAX.
    Results TBA
    11/21/98 17&Under Singles at ZAPP!
    1st Nicholas Schnetzka $20
    2nd Charlie French $10
    3rd John Wong $5
    Summary: The free-entry format with prize money drew almost 16 new players, with Mel from Zax in Kaneohe "bussing" a lot of players from the Windward side of the island. Newcomer Charlie French has learned a rollover and used it to great effect, tearing out of the losers' bracket to win the first match series with winner of the winners' bracket, Nicholas Schnetzka in a grueling three out of five series which extended to the full five games. Charlie's rollover skills were well matched by Nicholas' great ability to pick up the ball on the fly wherever it was bouncing near his rods, switching rods when necessary. For the double-dip, Charlie took Nicholas to the third game of a two out of three championship match, and the score went to meat ball, four-four when a defensive straightshot hit home, winning the series, and the $20 purse, for Nicholas. But look to see Charlie back next time as he improves his rollover, as it is his highest-percentage shot from the three-bar, that is when he decides to use it... why did he shoot anything else? Look out if he learns a brush pass to get it to his three bar! Congratulations also goes out to John Wong, whose consistent and controlled style of play led him through much of the winners' bracket despite some hacking by his opponents in a few close matches. Also a big thanks goes out to tournament sponsors Layne of ZAPP! and Gordon F. for making this the largest 17&Under tournament yet!
    11/21/98 Hawaii Masters Singles at ZAPP! ($10 entry)
    1st Peter Algoso $50
    2nd John McDonald $25
    3rd John Ueshiro $10
    Summary: The local masters are really gearing up for the Hall of Fame Classic in March, and the level of play among the regulars seems at the highest ever. I remember back at Brian's in 1993 when opportunistic play (quick & dirty) was not good etiquette even in tournaments, no one had heard of a rollover, back pins were the rage among rookies, moving defenses were were considered to be a passing novelty (either stupid or revolutionary), and only a few old timers had a real five-bar. According to John, who took 2nd, what won Peter the championship match today was Peter's dominating five bar, very smooth, doesn't telegraph, and a wicked angle on the brush, getting up to 3 passes in from every one from John, who wasn't passing too shabby either! John U. took 3rd, a regular on the winners board at the Masters tournaments.
    9/12/98 Hawaii Masters Singles at ZAPP!
    1st John Ueshiro
    8/29/98 Masters Singles at ZAPP!
    1st John McDonald
    8/15/98 Novice Singles at ZAPP!
    1st Jayce Hezekia, Jr.
    2nd Chad Bacos
    3rd Elliot Twiggs
    8/15/98 Masters Singles at ZAPP!
    1st Winston VanTreese
    2nd John McDonald
    3rd Jim Fujimori
    8/15/98 Goalie Wars at ZAPP!
    1st Winston VanTreese
    2nd John Ueshiro
    3rd Jim Fujimori
    8/1/98 Novice Singles at ZAPP!
    1st Jayce Hezekia, Jr.
    2nd Jason Harada
    3rd Elliot Twigg
    8/1/98 Masters Singles at ZAPP!
    1st John McDonald
    2nd Winston VanTreese
    3rd John Ueshiro
    8/1/98 DYP at ZAPP
    1st Bert Oleole & Winston VanTreese
    2nd John McDonald & John Ueshiro
    3rd Team ZAPP! Dash Browne & Layne Boyer