Team Hawaii at the

USTSA Tornado Pro Tour
1999 Hall of Fame Classic
March 11-14, Las Vegas, Nevada
last updated 6/29/1999

6/29/99 New photos from Gordon from 1999 USTSA Tornado Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas.

 From Distant Shores. . .

Team Germany and Team Hawaii, all smiling with trophies:

Team Germany's Adnan Zagarevic and Patrick Knirim took home trophies for 2nd in Rookie Doubles and 2nd SemiPro Doubles.

Team Hawaii's trophies are: Frankie & Peter 1st SemiPro Doubles, Frankie 2nd SemiPro Singles, Gordon and Ross 1st Rookie Doubles. See below for other placing finishes.

Back Row L to R: (Adnan or Patrick), Frankie Balecha, Peter Algoso.

Front Row: (Adnan or Patrick), Gordon Furuto, Ross Nagaji.

Adnan, Peter, and Frankie all took home tables as the best rookies in Open Doubles (P & F), and Open Singles (A).

Team Hawaii at Table 1.

Ross Nagaji, Peter Algoso, Frankie Balecha, Clay Sato, DJ, Winston VanTreese, Gordon Furuto.

 Marv Puha and his Northern California doubles partner Bruce Van Buskirk. Marv & Bruce took 5/6th in SemiPro Doubles.

Marv just moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, and is a former pro. Bruce is a San Jose, CA area promoter. Two of the coolest and nicest guys in foos.

 Team Germany's Patrick Knirim and Adnan Zagarevic. Trophies are for 2nd SemiPro Doubles and 2nd Rookie Doubles.  

3/22/1999: Final results for top 50% placement in events for Team Hawaii. Total number of entrants is in parentheses. Some placements are ties among many teams because of the elimination format; these placements are listed as ties among many places, e.g. "5-6th" = a two-way tie for fifth place, and "65-81st" = seventeen-way tie for 65th.

Prize-winning finishes are in boldface.

Peter Algoso
Open Doubles (164) 49-64th w/Frankie Balecha
Semi Pro Doubles (141) 1st w/Frankie Balecha
Rookie Doubles (104) 17-24th w/Frankie Balecha
Rookie Table Playoff Doubles (26) 1st w/Frankie Balecha
Frankie Balecha
Open Singles (317) 65-81st
Open Doubles (164) 49-64th w/Peter Algoso
Semi Pro Singles (264) 2nd
Semi Pro Doubles (141) 1st w/Peter Algoso
Rookie Table Playoff Doubles (26) 1st w/Peter Algoso
Rookie Singles 1st
Rookie Doubes 17-24th w/Peter Algoso
Gordon Furuto
Semi-Pro Singles (141)65-81tst
Semi-Pro Doubles (141) 33-48th
Semi-Pro Singles (264) 65-81st
Semi-Pro Doubles (141) 33-48th w/Ross Nagaji
Rookie Doubles (104)1st w/Ross Nagaji
No Pro DYP (96) 33-48th w/A.J. Broussard
Ross Nagaji
Semi-Pro Singles (141) 65-81st
Semi-Pro Doubles (141) 33-48th w/Gordon Furuto
Rookie Singles (173) 17-24th
Rookie Doubles (104) 1st w/ Gordon Furuto
No Pro DYP (96) with Dusty Bambenek 33-48th
Marv Puha
Open Singles (317) 33-48th
Open Doubles (164) 65-81st with Bill Maloney
Semi Pro Doubles (141) 5-6th with Bruce Van Buskirk
Semi Pro Table Playoff Singles (23) 9-12
Clay Sato
Rookie Singles (173) 49-64th
Rookie Doubles (104) 33-48th with Robert So
Forward Shoot Out (27) 9-16th
Winston Van Treese
Semi Pro Doubles (141) 5-6 w/ Dale Trynchuk
Rookie Singles (173) 17-24th
Rookie Doubles (104) 33-48th with John Fritch


If anyone has more pictures of the Hall of Fame Classic, lend them to me to scan & I'll put them up here. If you have any other stories to tell, I'll put them here too, like what did you think of Mainland foosball (rollovers, hacks, etc.), and what about those tables for Frankie and Peter, are they paying for the shipping too??? And Layne, let's get photographs from USTSA of the winners with their trophies to put up in ZAPP!

BTW Marv Puha, listed above, is formerly from here, and now resides Hilo, so I"ve listed his results. Maybe we'll see him once in a while on this island too... he's got that big open-hand pull-kick, among other shots (tic tac, saturday night razzle-dazzle), and is active in the SF/San Jose foosball scene.


3/19/99: I got some new winners' results for Team Hawaii:

  • Frankie (Frank Balecha), Semi-Pro Singles (264 entries), 2nd place
  • Frankie Balecha and Peter Algoso, Semi-Pro Doubles (141 entries), 1st place
  • Frankie Balecha, Rookie Singles (173 entries), 1st place
  • Gordon Furuto, Jr. and Ross Nagaji, Rookie Doubles, (104 entries), 1st place
  • Frankie Balecha and Peter Algoso, Open Doubles (164 entries), Rookie Table Winners (1 table each!)
  • Winston VanTreese, Semi-Pro Doubles, (141 entries) 5th or 6th place
    Wow, so Peter and Frankie each won a Tornado Timeplay Foosball Table as highest placing Rookie Team in Open Doubles!
    And Frankie is probably no longer listed as a rookie after winning all that! We'll see how everyone's points listing comes out next season.
    Hey Layne, how about we obtain the trophies/winners' photos from USTSA and frame them in ZAPP!? Kind of like championship banners in sports arenas!

    3/19/99: Ross was running his rollover for most of the tournament and they came straight through the winners' bracket, and defeated the German team with the intimidating European-style front-pin shot, which Gordon scoped out telegraphing earlier in the tournament; Gordon & Ross won in two straight, 5-1, 5-3! These German players were good enough to take 2nd in Semi-Pro doubles, behind Frankie & Peter, and one player (Adnan Zagarevic) also took third in Rookie Singles, and I think they also played Frankie & Peter again for the table playoffs, so they were very good too.

    Gordon Furuto (goalie) and Ross Nagaji (forward) on left. Adnan Zagarevic and Patrick Knirim on right.

    Rookie Doubles Finals, USTSA Tornado Pro Tour HFC Las Vegas, 1999

    Gordon & Ross win 5-1, 5-3.


    3/18/99: I'm waiting for official results, but I heard through the grapevine about several Hawaii wins.
    I heard first from Toki N. that Gordon Furuto & Ross Nagaji had won Rookie Doubles! I also found a photo of their finals matchup, and there they are on the left, Ross up front and Gordon on defense.

    Congratulations Team Hawaii!!! Great results for our first major outing! For now here's that photo, found at the Hall of Fame Classic home page.