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If *****YOU***** have photos of foosball, send them to me and I will post them here.

Foosball Trophy top detail From the Dinn Brothers trophy company website. I don't know who does the big trophies at tour events, but I got the Dinn catalog in the mail, so here's their version. See them at 1800 628 9657 or

People actually playing miniature table-soccer in earnest (78K) These are my friends Tim and Pauline at a fondue party in my apartment in Honolulu. It's only a one-bedroom apartment, and about 25 people are here! They're playing amid drinks and fondue burners on my coffee table, and yes, two people really going at it in miniature.

Odyssey Game system Table Soccer Table-soccer game cartridge from the 70's, in the era of the venerable and groundbreaking Atari 2699, I won this cartridge off of eBay, although I think I won't ever own an Odyssey-- although I think I did when I was 12 or so.

Acoustic Alchemy album cover (27K) Randomly my friend saw this at Borders Books & Music and pointed it out to me. The album title is "The Perfect Game." I agree. And... if you're curious, see their website and see their label Higher Octave's website.

Hershey's advertisement for Mounds and Almond Joy (44K) I found this in People Weekly magazine in the August 21, 2000 issue. I'm sure it's elsewhere as well.

Two more Nike Graphic Foosball/Soccer Shirts I found these in stores 4/2000, and bought two. Here's what they look like and where you can get them.

Zoltan Lehoczki's Foosball-engraved Zippo lighter (19K)
. He's from Hungary, and sent me this photo.

South Africa Foosball Company Some photos they sent me. Also see their new website at
  • Production team, in the factory (42K)
    Foosball Patents Page A partial listing of table-soccer related US Patents. Ever wonder what those patents on the Tornado Foosball table serial number plate are? Here are a few of them. A link to Foosball Heaven's patents

    Notting Hill Kiss From the film. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts kiss in the doorway. In the crowded, untidy hallway is stowed a foosball table top in the vertical position. I'll bet you didn't notice that! See the video clip as they kiss!

    Notting Hill Hallway Travel bookstore owner Hugh Grant invites mega star Julia Roberts into his apartment as he struggles to clean up while entering. See this video clip too.

    Antarctica 2: Foosball TV Lounge at McMurdo Base (27k): This ia a new picture from Rob Holmes. There really is a foosball table in Antarctica! (It's a Premier Soccer). Rob Holmes, a researcher there has a web page called "The Ice" with cool FAQs (the FAQ section has the foos pics) and pictures about Antarctica, and he mentioned they had a "nightclub" with a foos table. Naturally I had to ask him to take a picture of it the next time he went there, and he did, and put it up at his web page in early 1998, and sent me the pic. Now here is his second picture, probably from the 1999 season. Check out Rob Holmes' web page too, it's fascinating... it almost tempts you to go there! He's been in antarctic-bad storms in an airplane, he's been to the south pole, & he notes you can't just fly straight there from the USA...
    Japan Foosball Club minipage (30-40k) Contains 4 images of Tornado Foosball in Japan in the Tokyo area. All images and information from Japan Fooser Joe Ueno, who is the first person to bring Tornados to Japan.
    Miniature Table Hockey, Foosball-type (21k) found on ebay, 1:2:3:3:2:1 configured. Note the two separate legs on each man, and the hockey-circle markings on the white ice-colored playfield. Foosball tables in Spain also have two-legged men like this. (7/99)
    Doll House Foosball (36k) Complete with house, "little tikes" foosers, and a mini foos table. Wow. This must be in a store, because you can see some action figures and a Star Wars label on one of them under the glass. From Bernhard Sillip of Austrian website, he found it on ebay, with this description: Miniature Foosball Table For Little Tikes Doll House. Thats Right! Can You Imagine Your Little Tikes Doll House With This Piece. . This Is A Very Playable Table With A Lot Of Detail. There Are Entrance. Holes On Each Side And A Goal On Each End That You Can Score In. No Ball Is Included But Any Bead Works Fine. This Is An Absolute Must For Any Collector, Or For Someone Who Is Just Getting Started. (Little Tikes figures are not included) (7/99)
    GIs playing foosball at a USAF base in Turkey. I think this is my first image from this part of the world!... From Michael Porter. (7/99)
    People playing Tabletop Foosball in Hungary (17k) These are little! These table-top foosball tables are about the size of portable and folding foosball tables I've seen, and much larger than "miniature" foosball tables. It looks like several of these tables are set up in this photograph. "Csocso" is what foosball is called in Hungary. Link to original image This links directly to the original image. I haven't been able to figure out which of the many .html files is its parent. Click here for the top of the page (KÖRÖSÖK VÖLGYE TURISTA EGYESÜLET )(6/99)
    1999 USTSA/Tornado Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas. Trophy Pics. (all photos from Gordon)
    1999 USTSA/Tornado Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas, NV. Rookie Doubles Finals Matchup (41k) My Hawaii foosball neighbors and good friends Gordon Furuto and Ross Nagaji battling it out with a German team of Adnan Zagarevic & ??? (who also took 2nd in Semi Pro Doubles behind Team Hawaii's Frankie Balecha and Peter Algoso). Gordon and Ross won 5-1, 5-3. Found at Hall of Fame Classic home page. The pic's been up in the Hawaiian Foosball Lanai section of this webpage for a while now, and I just forgot to put it here! Gordon's the one who took the photos halfway down in this section (Gordon's Gallery), as well as the one who helped me with the Virtual Reality photography, above.
    Folding Foosball Table (17k) Nice antique handmade look with latches! Beautiful! Expressive playing figures! Made in France by "Charton Exclusively for C.G. Wood Company, Girard, Pa. U. S. A." It measures 29 in. long and 17 5/8 in. wide. It folds up for carrying or storage. Complete with score counters, but missing a player. I made the collage from three images found on ebay 6/99. 1:2:3:3:2:1 setup.
    Folding Foosball Table (10k, poor quality photo) Folding table height 5.5 in x width 16 in x length 15 in folded. Unfolded it's height 2.25 in X width 16 in X length 30 in. Cruddy low quality photos found on ebay 6/99, I tried to fix them up as best I could, they really are much better now. The reason I wanted to include them is that the number of men on the playfield is representative of a full-size table: 1:2:3:5:5:3:2:1 setup.
    Miniature Foosball 8" X 5" (19k) With a metal ball. 1:2:4:4:2:1. Found on ebay 6/99. I own one of these too.
    Bonzini USA images , reproduced here with permission from webmaster Bruce Nardoci. Click on the Bonzini USA link to see *Full Size* images as well as descriptions in the "History," "Tables," and "Gallery" sections of this webpage! Also see their other tables, including one for the den that has convenient drawers built in as well as custom fine-wood-finished tables that are dark grained and absolutely beautiful and would look classy in a poshly decorated home, as well as white-finished tables to go with more modern home decorations. Also, they have a 2-bar "goalie war" style table, as well as a short 3-bar (on each side) singles table for placement where there are space limitations.
    Garlando Duetto 2-bar Goalie War Table (10K) and Garlando Duetto View 2 (4K) and Garlando Duetto View 3 (5K) Note the extended middle playfield (compared with the Muni Mini image below), which is sloped to both sides so the ball rolls to the goalies. Found at the A.u.S. Spielgeräte GesmbH (an Austrian vendor) website by Bernhard Sillip of Tischfussball in Österreich (Austria).
    Nike Soccer Foosball Graphic T-Shirt Collection. Six images and information on where to buy these shirts. (6/99)
    Skittles Kik-It (17k) A foosball-like miniature game with a spinning top instead of a ball. From the subbuteo (and maybe foosball too) manufacturer Carrom. Found on auction at ebay. 1:2:3:3:2:1 setup with walls. (6/99)
    Oh What a Distraction! (Link: 60k) Pic from Turbo Todd (it's his fault). The caption wonders whether you would really want to call this as a blatant distraction in a match. This is a link to the image. (5/99)
    Miniature Foosball Table, 1:12 scale. (17k) I saw it for auction on ebay in 5/99. 1:2:3:3:2:1 setup with plastic dome.
    Miniature Foosball Two: Pocket Foosball (27k) Also from an auction on ebay 5/99, it's pictured still in plastic wrap. Note the picture on the product with the hands playing foosball, indicating the true scale. Wow, it's tiny. 1:2:3:3:2:1 setup.
    Inventor's 3-bar "goalie war" style foos table from Spain (28K)
    Also see rod schematics (8K) The original website, with full explanation, in Spanish, is at a page titled: SISTEMA DE MOVIMIENTO PARA FUTBOLIN
    Garlando 1000 Table (36K)The Artsy-est table I have ever seen! You gotta see this!
    Garlando 3000 Table (44K) The second Artsy-est foosball table EVER. They also make "normal" looking tables.
    Cover Art for the out of print book "The Complete Guide to Foosball" by Johnny Lott, with Kathy Brainard (38k); Chicago, Ill: Contemporary Books, 1980. xi, 176 p.: ill. : 24cm ISBN 0809259990 (hdbk. $9.95), 0809259982 (pbk. $5.95). (38K) I found this floating around, but I'll make a better scan soon. (4/99)
    Gordon's Gallery: His Tornado shots, My silly captions.
    1) Tunnel to the Stadium (10K)
    2) Modernized cover photo for Long Shot (21K)
    3) The View from the Bud One Blimp (30K)
    4) Looking Close-Up Down the Throat of a Snake (20K)
    5) Waiting, Like Eggs in a Basket.(12K)
    I Need Help (12K): cartoon strip, from 1/30/1999. From the same cartoonist who came up with a reporter interviewing a tired looking Ghandi on the shoreline, while Ghandi quips, "the ascetic life style is hard, my feet are calloused from walking barefoot, and my meagre diet leaves me weak with hunger and bad breath." The caption: "Super calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis."
    USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association Reunion 1998 in Pensacola, FL (37K) From Wally Beddoe in
    the black and white shirt, Gordon "BOS" Boswell on the other side. Photo taken at the Tornado table at Trader Jon's Bar in Pensacola, Florida. Wally is webmaster for the USMS/VHA website.
    6-Player Foosball Table by Rene Pierre (28K) This famous french company, which has big fans in South Carolina and Montreal in N. America, has this cool table in mass-production. Thanks to RSTSer and French baby-foot player Bruce Nardoci for the image.

    6-Player Foosball Table by Rene Pierre, Full Brochure (76K) Same photo as previous, but the entire brochure is included, which is in English and French. The brochure information includes phone number and address information for Rene Pierre, as well as the features and dimensions of this particular table.

    (35K) (23K) The T-shirt designs for the old newsgroup, made with ray-tracing software by Mark Thompson, who has since gone on to found the American Foosball Association. Both images (c) 1994 Mark Thompson. Of course has been replaced now with, where most of the foosball discussion on the internet takes place.
    Muni Mini 2-bar Foos Table from Muni in Spain (28K): very cute. From Muni in Spain, who also make very nice "normal" foos tables with electronic scoring and voice commentator in a variety of languages ("gooooooooal!") Even the big tables have the clear top to keep balls in.
    Foosball in Antarctica, McMurdo Base (33k): There really is a foosball table in Antarctica! (It's a Premier Soccer). Rob Holmes, a researcher there has a web page called "The Ice" with cool FAQs (the FAQ section has the foos pics) and pictures about Antarctica, and he mentioned they had a "nightclub" with a foos table. Naturally I had to ask him to take a picture of it the next time he went there, and he did, and put it up at his web page in early 1998, and sent me the pic. So here is the proof: very warmly dressed rugged unshaven men playing foosball. Check out Rob Holmes' web page too, it's fascinating... it almost tempts you to go there! He's been in antarctic-bad storms in an airplane, he's been to the south pole, & he notes you can't just fly straight there from the USA... Click here for his latest picture of the lounge (27K), same as at the top of this page.
    Yugo Foosball (21K): New York artist Kevin O'Callaghan recently had a show where he remade junked Yugo automobiles into art.. he turned them into, pianos, confessionals, toasters, portopotties, and of course a foosball table. See his art show here. My art crit interpretation is that the grey and white foosmen in the stands are the "new generation" of players from Premier Soccer, a Tournament-soccer clone, watching in the audience the older Tournament-Soccer players (aka million-dollar)... in the future, the audience grows up to be like their idols. A motif for early 80's foosball.
    Yugo Foosball, 2nd view (24K): Another picture of the Yugo Foosball table from someone who attended the show. See his web page too. I think this is the better picture. The wooden sidetrim and the wooden legs in place of automobile wheels is quite funny.
    The Rough Guide to West Africa: (108K): A wonderful picture of a wonderfully ornate tri-colored foosball table being played by two kids on the streets somewhere in West Africa. The picture is from the cover of the travel guide of the same name, which also appears on a companion CD of music from West Africa of the same title. The actual webpage for Rough Guide (6/99) has a smaller version of this image. I read through the book; it's *fascinating* to read about somewhere I may never get to go to, but I can look at the maps and follow the streets and hear what others have experienced there. (2nd edition ISBN 1-85828-101-6. 1312 pages, 156 maps US $24.95 CAN $34.99 U.K. L15.99 Buy the book 1800 788-6262) Clay has some foos pics from Senegal, including a tiny table about 2 feet long at The Foosball Source. If you have more pictures of foos in Africa please e-mail me, I'd love to put them here. I played with some fellows from Morocco once, and they had a very interesting rule called "primo" play: you couldn't stop or pin the ball, and you could only touch it once on any particular bar (i.e. no passing within a bar); these people were very good at doing diagonal passes to their next forward or backward bar and shooting it on the fly! They called our "normal" play where you can stop the ball, "fermo."
    The Rough Guide to West Africa, small version (62K) Same as above.
    Absolut Milan Foosball (42K): This is self-explanatory. I found the image at Matt Brunner's Foosball Experience. I cleaned up the distracting moire in the original scan, and compressed it down from its original 160K; it loads fast, and looks much better now... You can find the original image in a coffee table book of Absolut advertisements... I think it's called Absolut Book, then look up "Milan" in the index to find this picture. The Absolut Society Webpage adds: The highlight of the season in Milan is the semiannual soccer game between Inter Milan and A.C. Milan. Absolut Milan represents this event with a soccer football table with the "players" in the shape of Absolut Bottles.
    Tree Log Foosball Table (29K) The most beautiful foosball table I have ever seen. This wonderful piece was winner of the Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming in 1997. For more information, call (888) 685-0574. The Designer is Ken Siggins of Triangle Z Ranch Furniture of Cody, Wyoming (PO Box 995 Cody, WY 82414; (307) 587-3901). Both images were found at the magazine Wyoming Companion, a journal of the West & Western Travel, in their section on "western handcrafts & products." By the way, no, it's not really bamboo, but that's what it evokes in style to me. It's actually Douglas fir pieces, appropriate for the Western theme. From looking at his web page, I'm pretty sure you can buy one if you call Mr. Siggins.
    Tree Log Foosball Table in action with Cowboy (38K): This is a photo (wonderfully lit) of designer Siggins as cowboy playing foosball with his wife. See above for more info.

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