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Keep an eye out for the new foos scenes in The Ninth Gate and X-men movies.
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Nike Foosball Commercial (Quicktime Mov 1.0Mb version 8/12/2000)
Brandi Chastain of the Team USA's World Cup champion team plays bad boy Kevin Garnett of the NBA in Foosball. She scores, and celebrates, and Kevin Garnett waits for a recap of her World Cup celebration (remember her running around in a sports bra?): "So, whassup with the shirt?" he asks. Lots of Special Thanks to Bruce Nardoci, who sent me the video. Check out the site he webmasters, To find your local NikeTown or Nike Outlet store, click here for the website.

Dazed and Confused (USA, 1995?) (Quicktime MOV 1.9Mb NEW version G 2/3/2000)
This video has been redigitized, and is much better in quality to the version which was available on this webpage before 1/2000. You must see it again, this version is great & clear! The date is 1976 on the last day of school. The cool kids hang out at the rec center and play TS-style foos and pool. Matthew McConaughy is the cool dude (in the icon) who strides in the door looking all 70's macho. Other folk in the movie include Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck, Wiley Wiggins, and Shawn Andrews. This has some of the best realistic foosball play in any movie in recent memory (other than Long Shot, 1981, which was about foosball anyways), with the film angle often at ball-level inside the playing field! I redid the video at 320X240 and if you hated the previous version, you'l love this one! Approximately 1 minute long.

Dazed and Confused Miniature version (Quicktime MOV 636K 2/12/2000) Same as above, except video is smaller at 160X210, and 1/3 file size at 636K. This video has been redigitized and is much better in quality to the version which was available on the webpage before 1/2000.

Dazed & Confused Video #2 (Quicktime MOV 224K 2/3/2000) Matthew McConaughy greets an arrival at the "Emporium" game center. Ready for some foozball? Yeah? Al'right!

Notting Hill Video #1 (Quicktime MOV 320K 2/3/2000)
A kiss in the hallway. Foosball table in storage on its side at the left side of the hallway. Fabulous video at 30fps, thanks to Sorenson compression. Must have fast CPU to view video smoothly.

Notting Hill Video #2 (Quicktime MOV 118K 2/7/2000) Hugh Grant invites megastar Julia Roberts into his cluttered apartment to clean up an orange juice spill. He frantically tries to neaten up his flat, and as we rushes through the hallway, we see the foosball table, upright, at the left of the hallway.

Il Postino (Italy, 1997?)(Quicktime MOV 688K) version F 8/8/99 Quality in this clip fades in and out, it's crappy; but it's worth downloading, even if the beginning has really bad image quality & dark, just watch it, it's cute, it's only 600K. Movie from Italy, translates to "The Postman." This clip has the female lead teasing the postman via foosball. He plays while very distracted by her beauty, and so she scores on him a few times while he keeps staring, and she knows it. Finally she pulls a memorable foos stunt that maybe you can try at your next big tournament at "meat ball, 4-4". . . Highly compressed file at only 3 fps, but you get the idea, and the soundtrack w/Italian music is continuous. What kind of table is that anyways? Notice the double-tap before the first service. Approximately 2 minutes long! I'll make a new capture soon.


Friends (USA) (Quicktime MOV 568K version F 8/8/99) Tom Selleck guest-stars as the older boyfriend on the television show Friends, and he shows everyone how to play foosball. "We used to have a table in college..." (movie is 5 fps w/11khz 8bit sound, with some video compression, but quality is much better than Il Postinod, above). And what is the story behind Friends eventually getting a Tornado when they started out with a Dynamo? Approximately 50 seconds long.

Friends clip Miniature preview Try it! Will load in real time over most 56K modem connections!

Friends (USA) (Quicktime MOV 260K version F 8/8/99) Tom Selleck guest-stars on Friends, and is lovingly told,"For a really cool guy, you suck at foosball!" A short clip which occurs in the same episode about 30 seconds after the previous Friends clip. (Movie is 5fps w/11Khz 8bit sound, with some video compression)

Airplay Aerial Table Soccer System Video (572K version B) This video is available at Airplay's website for 4.3 megabytes. Here it has been recompressed to 1/8 size, only 572 K! The picture size is a bit smaller, and there is some blurring in a few fast-moving scenes, but this smaller version is actually still quite good, and I've brightened up the gamma. It looks like a quick-fit non-damaging modification to your Tornado table to enable easy set up of air-shots with tiny ramps in the corners (so you don't have to bounce it up against the wall) and elastic-mounted cups on the defensive men. If you're interested, please see the 4.3Mb original at Airplay's website at

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Update History 

8/13/2000: Added Nike commercial w/Brandi Chastain & Kevin Garnett
5/31/2000: Remaining bad link to fixed; now you can see that Il Postino video.
2/21/2000: Bad video links fixed: old URL pointing to were replaced by links to
2/12/2000: Added a miniature 636K version of the Dazed & Confused Clip, since the larger one is almost 2 Mb.
2/7/2000: Dazed & Confused has been REDONE, image is four times as large & quality is GREAT. Also a brand new Dazed & Confused Clip and two new clips from Notting Hill. All 320X240!!! Must have fast processor to see videos smoothly due to compression.

8/6/99: If you couldn't view the clips from "IL POSTINO" and "DAZED AND CONFUSED" before 8/6/1999 because "the required compressor could not be found" I have fixed this problem. However, the clips are still poor quality, and I need to make new ones, but at least you can see what the general feel for the clips are. The DAZED AND CONFUSED clip is now 1/3 the size it was before. The first Friends clip has also been recompressed to only 1.2 Mb! 8/8/99 New versions with smoother looking pictures, same size. New: Matthew Omernick's senior thesis compressed down to less than a megabyte (was 12 Mb). The second Friends clip recompressed to about 250K, the first to 568K. Dazed video down to 588K. 8/9/99 Added compressed Airplay video.

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