Subbuteo Table-soccer Rules, FAQ, & Links
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Image borrowed from Le Club de Football de Table de Caen's Web page. Also note: this is not foosball!

Last updated 2/13/2000 (New Zeugo & ASA links)

Here at My Site, we have three items, Rules & a FAQ.
FISTF Subbuteo Rules of Play Courtesy of Vincent Coppenolle of the FISTF.
(links fixed 9/2007)
TXT PDF (69p)
ASA Subbuteo Rules of Play (1996 American Subbuteo Association Rules of Play) The ASA has now moved to FISTF Rules, but I have kept these simpler rules from before here for anybody's potential use(5/98)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
from FISTF/RSTS Subbuteo, 11/17/96 Get it right here at my site instead of going to the FTP site below By Stephen Dettre, modified 11/17/96 by Jon Hennings (

USA Subbuteo Links
Especially in the United States, see the American Subbuteo Association (ASA) and its partners:

The American Subbuteo Association Updated (2/00) Tournament Schedule, Information on the ASA newsletter, The National, and other information. Also, E-mail Don Maldonado of the ASA if you have more questions about Subbuteo in the U.S., or e-mail the current (5/98) president of the ASA, Gregg Deinhart at or try (Also try: the old ASA link from 1999)
Soccer International The oldest American subbuteo company that has consistently supplied Subbuteo in the US since 1982. Soccer International has long played a part with the American Subbuteo Association in keeping this sport alive in the United States.Try this link if the first doesn't work. (7/99)

MMSub2U Lots of stock, news from Hasbro, subbuteo for the US player...also with the latest news from Hasbro, excellent customer service, and various games set specials as well as lots of teams that are now obsolete.

(3/99) Sports The official product sponsor and supplier of Subbuteo accessories, teams and club games announces the arrival of new teams. Such National Teams as Germany, Italy, and Brazil. Club teams like Juventus, Arsenal and Manchester United. To catch up on what is available and how to order, check this out! When I checked 5/98, this link brings up a directory with a missing index.html, so if you click on MM Sports & don't get a "web page," try clicking here on their " Available Inventory" section. (This link may be down/ MM is probably out of business)

World Subbuteo Links

Atlas Football Table Club (01/01)
New: Zeugo (UK Distributor of Zeugo) (2/00)

The Official Subbuteo Table-Soccer Home Page Brought to you by Stephen Dettre at the FISTF
La page Web du club de football de table (Subbuteo) de Caen. If this doesn't work, Try this link This site is great! Tremendous! It has everything! Here's a Subbuteo playing field (Table du jeu 27k) and for all of you who were wondering here are the *complete* FISTF rules and definitions (Les regles du jeu) Of course, this is all in French, and the graphic design is great too.
List of Tischfussball (Subbuteo and Foosball) Links There are many many links here, it's a great list. (11/99)
The Ajax 4 Subbuteo team in the Netherlands
First Austrian Subbuteo Tablesoccer Federation Hompage From Wolfgang Pollak... it was out of commission for a while, but now this web page returns! Also known as: Homepage des Ersten Österreichischen Tischfußball-Verbandes
The Optics Subbuteo League Home Page Rules listed here too!
University of Surrey (UK) Electrical Engineering Subbuteo Football Association Home of the teams: Aldershot, Blackpool, Stranrear, Tottenham, Woking, Wrexham... also Subbuteo's Rules of Play.
Australian Table-Soccer Association Also, try this other ATSA link maintained by Stephen Wilson of the Cherrybrook Bulldogs
Soccer America writes about Subbuteo
Marini Laurent's Babyfoot page Just a little bit on both Subbuteo and Foosball from Marini Laurent... with a beautiful background (Kai power tools?)
Deutscher Subbuteo Tisch Fussball Bund (DSTFB) A Subbuteo page from the German Subbuteo Table Soccer Association.... Cool animation & official seal... Lots of info, all in German
Jogar Subbuteo from Portugal
Zabbar Subbuteo Club from Malta
Kicks Kicks is proud to announce an extensive line of Subbuteo products. We have everything you need from complete World Cup Edition sets to miniature spectators.
Cherrybrook Bulldogs Table Soccer Club Subbuteo club from Sydney, Australia
Guillem Alsina's Subbuteo Page from the maintainer of the FISTF's Official Subbuteo Page, listed at top. Visit his web page (it's in English) or go play with him in Girona, Spain, 100km north of Barcelona. E-mail Guillem here
Subbuteo Club Main-Taunus in Arbeit, Germany Cute logo and league results. In German.
Association Portuguese Subbuteo Brand new link from APS president Luis Horta.
Jon Henning's Table Football Home Page all NEW! Awesome looking web page with frames! Includes info on: NBFF (Norges Bord-Fotball Forbund/ Norwegian Table-Football Association), Net Links, Lots of International results, graphics, Profibase (professional bases for table football) and Professional equipment for table-football (polish, stris, stickers, sports-glue, etc.) E-mail Jon at
Gamer's Notebook about Carrom & Subbuteo 
The Subbuteo Corner New site with a great database of Heavyweight teams, full pictures and descriptions.  Also very soon, you can have 'yourname' <mailto:'yourname'> mail forwarding - stay tuned. From Steve Rolfe.(11/98)
TSC Royal 78 (Germany) (4/99)
Schnipp-Click Das Subbuteo Tischfußball Magazin (Germany) (4/99)
Subbuteo v Èeské Republice (Czech Republic) (From Tomas Madr: Pro kazdeho e-mailova schranka zdarma (revised link 2/00)
Subbuteo in Belgium (6/99) Thank you to Vincent Copponelle of the FISTF for this link.
Subbuteo in Hainaut, Belgium (6/99) Again, thank you to Vincent Copponelle for this link.
Soccer International
Keggy Randle's Subbuteo Page (UK) also contact Keggy at email.(7/01)
All Table Soccer (Italy) From Luca . All about Zeugo and Hasbro Subbuteo. She has many sets for trading if you're interested. (2/00)

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