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McMurdo, ANTARCTICA Yeah, this is for real, foos in Antarctica... maybe I'll stick it in the playing locations file... hm. Not a foosball site but really proof of the fact & it's been on my links page from the beginning... Anyone want to put money on the last continent to be listed in our playing-locations file? Australia? Africa? South America? (2/98)


Foosball Malaysia site See the results of the MildSeven Foosball Challenge! (i.e. a major cigarette manufacturer sponsors a big tournament over there! I'm all for promotion of foosball, if not so enthusiastically smoking... check it out!) Also includes information on Foosball in Japan and Hong Kong.(7/99)

Danny NG Boon Keat's Foos Page (Malaysia) some pics... (6/99)

Canadian Baby-foot Federation (Canada) Brand spanking new site. Montreal-area french style babyfoot, also lists some tournaments. Primarily Garlando table play, a table apparently also used in Austria and Germany.

Queen's Foosball Club Home Page (Canada)From Queen's University in Kingston Ontario... they play on the "Roberto Sport" Table in the engineering lounge... From Matt Olmstead. (10/98)

FCBFS La Fédération Canadienne de Baby-Foot Sportif (Canada) A new Canadian French Foosball Site from Real Thibeault. Mainly Bonzini table play in Montreal, and I saw a pic at this site, they have *big* tournaments! The FCBFS is attempting a similar organization to the France-based FFBFS. (6/98)

Generation Babyfoot, Inc. (Canada) is now the exclusive importer-distributor for Canada for Bonzini. (Alain Thunier). (9/99)

Carleton University Engineer's Foosball (Canada) Tornado Foosball (11/99)

Garlando Babyfoot Association (Canada) Quebec, Canada area playing locations, especially in Montreal. From Adam Imanpoor (2/00). See also Garlando's Website

The International French Foosball Site based in Denmark I think, and includes playing locations for french-style "baby-foot" foosball around the globe, (almost-) official Danish Rules, and info on going to the Danish Open. Rene Pierre and Bonzini fans here! Brand new site! Also, the same site, but not in English: Bordfodbold: Vil du laese dansk, tryk her Link updated 2/27/98 (6/99) 

The Official UK Table-Football Home Page (UK) Includes playing locations, tournament information, and table-football association information. New site! Maintained by Will Hawkes in Cambridge and Tony Whyte in London. If the link doesn't work (supposedly the page has moved), Try this one (However, the second link had a permissions problem too 6/99).

British Table Football Association (BTFA) (UK) This organization runs a national tournament tour and has tournament info and rankings, as well as neat information on the comparison of about 10 different tables (Premier, Tornado, Garland, Bonzini, Neptuno), and table football resources. (6/99)

Bar Football Association (UK) Playing Locations, Tournament Results, Lots of Stuff! (3/99)

Oxford University Table Football League (UK) These guys team up to whip the butts of... who else but Cambridge University... (I ran into a few players travelling overseas for a crew meet in Boston... they were from oxford or cambridge, had a pushkick with a really unusual ball-forward setup, and they were dying for a "real" glasstop table to play on...) (3/98)

Oxford University-Wide Table Football League (UK), sponsored by The Duke, St. Clements. Submitted by from Dan Gallon (2/00)

Table Footie Association (UK) Also from across the Atlantic, but emphatically not the BTFA in form or spirit. The players are actually "Team Owners" and make substitutions the individual players (foos men) on their teams. They operate leagues and keep statistics on each foos figure, I think. This is foosball with a devotion to the soccer mentality, much like what I've seen with most Subbuteo (a flicking table-soccer game) players, who paint their figures the approriate team colors... kind of like N. American Nintendo/Playstation players' devotion to NHL Hockey 9x games, which allow construction of fantasy teams.

Dansk Bordfodbold Forbund (Denmark)(6/99)

Cafe FodBold (Demark)Velkommen til caféFODBOLD. Danmarks eneste landsdækkende bordfodbold-database hvor du selv kan indtaste nye borde. (6/99)

Lykkes Hjemmeside Bordfodbold (Denmark)This site was DOWN 6/99.

Kul Kafeen (Denmark) Turnering, Regler, Spillesteder (Rene Pierre & Bonzini) Nyheder, Links (6/99)

Copenhagen Bars & Pubs with Foosball/Bordfodbold (Denmark) (6/99)


FFBFS #1 la Fédération Française de Baby-Foot Sportif (France)The first of two French sites for the FFBFS apparently maintained by Yannick Herve. Some of the content overlaps w/the other site, but not all. A new site. (At (6/98) Also see the FFBFS encyclopedia (6/99) from Yannick.

FFBFS #2 la Fédération Française de Baby-Foot Sportif (France) The sister site to the French site above. (At (6/98)

Association Francaise de Babyfoot (France) From Farid Lounas, president, Email here. Also, English version available. (2/00)

Baby-foot Club de Lyon (France)A French Foosball Site.

Le Baby-Foot Selon Az et Bob (France)A French site from Az & Bob... (6/98)

BACC: Baby-foot Association Club de Cayenne (France)Another site in France, looks like a friendly community organization.

Good French Baby-foot (Foosball) Site (France) from Marini Laurent. Also short version of French rules (Regles du jeu) with a good description of how the "demi" rule works, as well as a glossary of terms... in French of course...

Page de Web du Babyfoot de Flamby (France) Includes rules of play (regles de jeux) and a glossaire de babyfoot. From Flamby, in France. (1/99)

René Pierre (France) Their brand new official site for Rene Pierre billiards and foosball - baby-foot.Maitre Billardier 18, Rue Consier 18, Rue Consier, ZI Crissey, 71100 CHALON SUR SAONE, Tél : 03 85 46 55 45, Fax : 03 85 43 47 19, e-mail : . (6/98)

Bonzini (France)The official site for the manufacturer of the hugely popular French-style baby-foot table. The page is available in French, English, Spanish, & German (6/99). Also see Bonzini USA The official site for Bonzini in the United States., and Generation Babyfoot, Inc., the exclusive importer-distributor for Canada.

Page from Sherbrook Univ. in Canada (french language) Just a little bit on foos & subbuteo ... but wow, is it a stunning and simple page with a beautiful background (Kai power tools?)

Master of the Babyfoot (France) A French-style Foosball (babyfoot) page from Julien Pontonnier. (6/99).

Luca'sTable Soccer page (Italy) From Luca (6/99)

"Oh! Bar Heat" Fooseball Page with Tournament in Tokyo, Japan This one looks like a personal home page, but has some tournament information for Tokyo, if you can read Japanese. Also try this related link, I don't know which is meant to be the top page. (1/99)

Japan Foosball Club Tornado Foosball in the Tokyo area from Joe Ueno. Email JFC for more info. Also see Japan Foosball Club minipage at Foosball Heaven. (2/00)

Yoko's Foosball Corner from Japan I found this Japanese page using my brother's kanji-kit-enabled browser to type in non-roman search strings. And guess what... they have Tornados in Japan! She mentions them! Also, if you are doing a search in japanese katakana, other than "Fu - ZuBo - Ru" (shown here between the quotes if your browser is able: " ÉtÅ[ÉYÉ{Å[Éã "), sometimes it is called Table-Soccer: "Te - BuRu Sakka - ", the "kk" being a little "tsu," and the hyphens being the lengthening symbol. (6/99)

Elmo's Foosball (Japan) The owner of St. Elmo's Bar also has a foosball page. If your browser has a kanji kit, the address and phone are: *å'ä*s*Â-tÐæ*'·ª'¬"ñ's–Ú3*|1*@^CJ*E*@rÐ2,e,s,d,k*F022*|266*|1930 cÐÆ**SÔ*@,o,l7*F00*@,`,l2*F00 ÐxÐÆ"ú*@"ú-j*@*Õ"ú . Click here for the top page for St. Elmo's Bar. (6/99)

For more info on foosball in Japan, see the Foosball Malaysia site at the top of this page... they have a section on Japan Foosball from promoter Joe Ueno, who introduced Tornados to Japan...

Futbolín (Foosball) Page (Spain) - English version A personal web page, now in English! This is the first of many pages I've found from Espana. Notice how the spanish foosball men have two separate legs, instead of being bonded together. This allows a shot called the "drag" in which the bal is placed between the two feet, then operated, I assume, like a push or pull shot. Pagina de Web de Futbolín en Espanol The page is from Antonio Roig Ramis See also His Home Page (6/99)

Muni Internacional... from Spain Website in English, Spanish, German for a company distribted in Spain, Chile, & Argentina. Maker of THE MOST ADORABLE 2-BAR FOOS TABLE ON THE PLANET! Also manufacturer of some more serious models, some of which weigh 165kg(!), and some have glass covers both to keep balls from being ejected and to keep the noise level down if desired in your commercial location, most have coinops (even the mini 2-bar has a coinop), and most have electronic scoring and an electronic voice commentator and crowd noise, available in mutliple languages! Link updated (6/98 - Thanks R.T.!)


Val, S.C. (Spain)Well-established maker of coinop foosball and "ball-slapping" tables (futbolin y bolas) from Zaragoza, Spain. Crafted of beautiful woodwork, beech & pine, and meticulously finished. (5/98)



A.J.A. Asociados, S.A. (Spain) Foosball (Futbolines) from Madrid, Spain (Espana). Tel: 470 2041 - 470 2058. Billares y Futbolines. (6/98)


Segarsa, S.L. (Spain) Futbolines, Billares, Mesas de Juego. Click here for Segarsa in English.

FAS Pendezza S.R.L. (Italy) A manufacturer. Click on "Calcio Balilla" which means foosball in Italian. Click here if the first link doesn't work.(2/00)

Asociación Argentina de Metegol (Argentina) Site oficial de la República Argentina. Torneos, ranking oficial, foros de discusion, reglas de juego, links. English version is coming soon. (6/99)

Klopf (Brazil) A Pebolim (foosball) distributor or manufacturer in Brazil. In Portuguese.Artefatos Klpffleisch , Estrada Particular, 180, Caixa Postal 271,86700-970 - Araucária - PR, Fone: (041) 843-2600 / Fax: (041) 843-2000 E-Mail:

Bilhar Barão (Brazil) Pebolim Manufacturer (I think). (6/99)

Antwerpse Stakanit Federatie (Belgium) Foos Site from ASF in Belgium. E-mail owner Gil here As of (6/98) the ASF site is up again! When you're looking through this site note the built-in lighting on the tables! You can see it on the icon here too... Pretty cool!

Antwerpse Tafelvoetbal Club (ATC) (Belgium)Page from Belgium. ATC and BTLBA (Belgische Tafelvoetbal Liefhebbers Bond). Official Rules and lots of info. Click here if the first link doesn't work. (6/99)

BTLB Antwerpen (Belgium) submitted by FromVerbeke Luc English available too (2/00)

BTLB Limburg (Belgium) (6/99)

Mario's BTLB Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium) Belgische Tafelvoetbol. Play is on Jupiter Tables. From Belgium (6/99)

VTB Vlaamse Tafevoetbal Bond: BTLB West-Vlaanderen (Belgium) (6/99) Biggest tablesoccersite of the Netherlands (8/05). Also a dutch site about playing competition on Europe's newest table: the Eurosoccer. (8/05)

Nederlandse Tafelvoetbalbond (NTVB) (Netherlands) A big Danish site, with NTVB rules, and tournament info. Link is down 6/99. It may have been replaced by the next one, below.

De Nederlandse Tafelvoetbalbond (Netherlands) New Link (6/99)

Phill's Tafelvoetbal (Netherlands) Informatie over tafelvoetbal: De regels, spelersdatabase en links. By the URL I would guess an emphasis on french-style Garlando. (6/99)

TFC Mad Dogs Heidelberg (Germany)


Surfer's Inn - Kicker (Foosball) Page (Germany) From Thorsten Ringhoff. See his list of German Playing Locations and also see the extensive DSAB (Deutscher Sportautomatenbund) Lowen-Soccer Official Rules. These rules are as long or longer than the USTSA rules! If you wish to reach the DSAB (which also governs darts & billiards), contact them at: DSAB; Schwester-Elisabeth-Strasse 1a; 55425 Waldalgesheim; GERMANY; Phone: 06721/33787; Fax: 06721/33559. If you wish to reach Loewen Sport, contact them at: Loewen Sport; Im Tiergarten 20-30; 55411 Bingen am; Rhein; GERMANY.

Lowen SPORT (Germany) The big manufacturer of Tischfußball (foosball) in Germany; all the big tournaments there are on these tables. Click here for the English Language version. (4/99)

Garlando The other big manufacturer of Tischfußball (6/99). See also Garlando Babyfoot Association (Canada)

Tornado 2000 (Germany)*A huge* German site. Tornado 2000 is Tornado's German distributor, and they run the German Open tournament with players from all over Europe. Lots of pics of some of the German Tornado scene and those who regularly come the USTSA Tour in the USA, such as Dieter Thiele and Jamal Allalou, Adnan Zagarevic, Patrick Knirim, and German world champions Florian Lienkamp and George Kamaly Cooool logo guys!. These are the guys who pay some of the tab for their players who fly over from Germany for the USTSA tour! (4/99) (Germany) (3/99)

TFF Würzburg 1997 (Germany) Site for Germans who come over for USTSA Tornado foosball events. They even have results from the 1999 USTSA Las Vegas Hall of Fame Classic. From Christian Klein. Everyone in Germany has these cool Tornado spinny-guy logos! We want some! (4/99)

Kickerclub Munster (Germany) (4/99)

Foosball Pro (Germany) Herzlich willkommen auf der FRiESiSCHEN KiCKERSEiTE! Nach den Ereignissen der letzten Zeit (Ausrichtung der Mannschafts-DM in Varel, Wachstum der Regionalliga Nordwest,...) haben wir uns vorgenommen, den Sport Tischfussball in unserer Region noch stärker zu fördern.    From Stefan Janßen, it's at This is Tornado foosball. Stefan is currently translating his page into English. (4/99)

Kade's Planet Foosball (Germany) Tornado foosball (6/99)

Volli's Kickerseite (Germany) Personal Webpage on Kickern/Foosball (6/99)

Südbadischer Tischfussballverband (Germany) STSV site. (6/99)

Tischfussball Links (Germany) A very good list of both Foosball and Subbuteo style table football links (11/99)

Mechnich Spielautomaten (Germany) Click on "Kicker" which means foosball.

Erwin (Germany) (01/01)

Tischfussball in Österreich (Austria) from Bernhard Sillipp. Regarding Foosball/Tischfussball on Garlando tables in Austria. (6/99)

Tischfussball Wien (Austria) Garlando tournaments and leagues. (6/99)

Thommy's B52 Bar Page (Switzerland)At Geocities 5334, it is currently down (6/98)

Tischfussball Schweiz (Bearbeitung) (Switzerland)They call it Joggele (6/99)


Stolní fotbal Ostrava (Czech Republic) This site seems to have some information on a Czech league. Stránka ostravskch stolních fotbalistÛ. Informace o termínech, prÛbûhu a vsledcích turnajÛ, o hráãích a klubech, kde se stolní fotbal v Ostravû hraje. (Ostravská liga stolního fotbalu 99). Stolní fotbal (v USA foosball, v Anglii table football, v Nûmecku Tischfussball) se v Ostravû rozíÞil bûhem roku 1998, kdy hráãi z jednotlivch klubÛ zaãali poÞádat spoleãné turnaje a o fotbal se zaãínalo zajímat stále více lidí. V souãasné dobû tento "hospodsk sport" u nás aktivnû hraje odhadem 100 hráãÛ a stále více z nich dosahuje dobré úrovnû. (Thanks to Bernhard of Tischfussball in Österreich, Austria, for finding this link) (6/99)

Official Hungarian Foosball Site (Hungary) from Zoltan Lehoczki ( (did not load as of 2/13/00)

Hurricane Foosball SA (Zaire) email only. Webpage to come soon. (2/00)

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