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Dates, e.g. (5/99) indicate the last time I checked to make sure the site was active.

1975 Foosball Nationals Story The story of the era of 1970's foos in america and the people and events leading up to the 1975 Tornado National Championships. Chapters began on yahoo clubs, written by Phil Kennedy, who partnered with goalie Lane Hunnicut. An excerpt: Instead of just rambling about the good ole days, I'm going to put together a few thoughts on why a person would play this crazy game. Yes! I'ts EGO pure and simple but also it's a tale of a cross roads in a person's life. Nothing that heavy, in fact it's more a comical, mystical... that solved itself under a bridge one rainy stormy day in 1975. I pose the question? How often in life do you get a chance to be the best at something, anything. Clear cut...the best. I say not often, and if you're lucky enough to recognize it, maybe once or twice in a lifetime. It was in answer to this question that I wound up under a bridge on the way to Houston in 1975. As I rode my new Harley Sportster down Hwy 75 rain began to lightly brush against my face, as I looked skyward dark clouds told of an upcoming storm. . ." Phil is also a cofounder of the yahoo foosball discussion site, and here you can see his contributions... see "Discussion Groups" at the left menu for this link. . .(6/99)

Arun's Homepage of Doom: Hume's Billiard Balls. Foosball, Philosophy, Physics, and his very own glossary of foosball terminology. (11/99)

Airplay Aerial Table Soccer System or how to modify your Tornado table for three dimensional soccer play!

Bardy's World's Foosball Page Author frequents the 6-Tornado Charles Billiards in Glendale, CA. Let's see some pics of you guys playing! No pics.

Rick Brandt's Foos page Lists regional foos tournaments all around the United States

Matt Brunner's The Foosball Experience Note the red Tornado Ball (right on!). Good thing he hasn't got a brown-top with a Tornado ball, have you ever tried that? It's like camoflauge, and the ball is nearly invisible. He also has TS-style playing tips, well illustrated, for his (looks like) Premier Soccer Table. He also has an image of his foosball table

Gregory Childress' Foosball Page (3/99)

Dailleme Products & Drawings Schematics for a Kid's Foosball Table. You can view sample without measurements. Plans are $5. (2/99)

Deke 3 Designs "Foosball" A new page, no content yet as of 2/00. (2/00)

"The Fan", From Sony, WOW: on-line foosball to PLAYABLE on your browser!!! (link updated 6/98, if it doesn't work, try this one) only 78K, and you need the "Shockwave" plug-in. I guess there's ShockRave out now, figure it out yourself... Wow. Plug-in about 1 Meg. Also, you can get the downloadable version of the foosball game (Mac/Win95 about 600-800K link updated 6/98). Anyone got audio/video clips of foos from The Fan? E-mail me if you do! But I fast-forwarded through the movie, and didn't see any foos, even in the bar scene. What a rip off... Speaking of films, have you seen the foos clip in Dazed & Confused? It's set in 1976... It's probably the best foosball footage in any recent movie; it's sure better than the flaccid wrist flicking in Il Postino's foosball scene. See a clip here at Foosball Heaven"

Fisher's Fabulous Funhouse Foosball Rules and Shotgun Rules No pics

FLEE.COM Foosball A site that seems to just serve as a links page from a canadian artist I think...

The Foosball Zone by Mfresh Productions & Paul's Paradize: This link just became active (6/98), and is going to be added to soon. Paul plays at tournaments on Tornados in Arlington, Virginia, and provides a list of these tournaments. I originally found this webpage's logo image file but the page hadn't been built yet... Paul has Air hockey, Darts, Pool, and Homer Simpson too! Foosball: A First Class Sport.

Foosjunkie, a brand new up and coming site which looks like it has great things to come... really I mean it... because it will soon all be database-searchable, so you can look up playing locations by pull-down menus by state and country. From Andy Urban. (4/99)

FOOZEBRAWL '98 See all the info on the quest for the cup! Great looking site, well-designed.

The Foozeum A geocities site (w/popups every page) on "college style" foos. (updated link 8/98). Also a page on Magic Lotus cards.

FRP: The Foosball Research Project Nuclear age foosball, as well as the FRP Supercomputing Foosball Scoring & Ranking Server. This website has been around a long time, at least around 1994. Foos T-shirts from GITTEW13. I like the black silhouetted foosman on marble. He's got hats and other things now, and you can usually see these products being sold at USTSA big Tour events.

Steve Gonzales's Web Page Recommended, this page has been around for a long time, back when the site was still hosted at Cal Poly. Very flashy page from The Foosmeister (aren't we all The Foosmeister though?) "Power with Control."

James H. Grosjean's Intramural Foosball at the University of Chicago. Tournament Results. He's been there a long time, is he a grad student? Is that why he's "grad champ"? e-mail him here. (3/99)

Hall of Fame Classic home page USTSA event in Las Vegas, NV 1999 .

Interactive Intelligence FoosCam: Periodic updates from a live cam of a foostable. Sometimes goes down... (up again 5/99 updated link).

Jon's Foos Page He has a clear picture of a Tornado too! The page's background color would do better as a nail-polish though... :-)

Zenk Lukas' Foosball This is the page. It it doesn't work, try this one the real top. (6/99)

Murrey Manufacturer. Known best for bowling & billiards, but they make their own home and coiniop foosball tables too. Go to the Billiard section to view Foos. (Model #RR-33c) (6/99)

Orange Colored Ball Petition (This site was down 2/00) The webpage's author writes: Ok, I made a webpage so we can shat during the day or night real-time with other foosers. The site is strictly for chatting and communicating with other foosers. The GUESTBOOK is where you want to go if you think Tornado should make a different color ball.

Rod Lock A third-party device to hold two goalie rods stationary for practice shooting. Saves time...

Tavern Players Magazine The web page for a great periodical about bar sports (darts, billiards, foos, etc.) with tournament info of all sorts. PO Box 1070 Laconia NH 03246, (603) 524-9154. This links straight to the foosball picture, but here is the link for the magazine's home page. Does anyone recognize all the foosers in this picture, or the bar they're in? e-mail me if you know and I'll list it here...

3-D Table sports Game from Mass-media, including Air Hockey, Foosball and Power Hoops. There used to be a downloadable demo, but the site is under construction again, and the download is no longer there. Modem & network playable too. The top page for the software company states cryptically that 3-DTable Sports is coming soon to the Internet, so maybe there will be a central server so people can play each other. Nominated for Best Sports Title "Codie" Award. Also see The review by Games Domain of the UK (main link revised 6/98)


The ORIGINAL Table-soccer FTP site at This is the first and original Internet foosball resource, circa 1994. It used to be the only place to get the Foosball Frequently-Asked-Questions Files, which I now also keep here on this web page and at The Foosball Source. The site may be down...(2/98), and you can now get the same information on my page, but it's here to stay on the links page for sentimental reasons...

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