The Foosball Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) Files
last updated 4/9/2000
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Miscellaneous Documents:

Dynamo Coinop Table Assembly Instructions (PDF 30K) from's technical support staff.
Japanese Translation of USTSA Rule of Play (PDF 54K) Translated into Japanese by Yoko Iwasaki of Japan Foosball Club and webmaster for her own webpage, Yoko's Foosball Corner. FAQs

The Playing Locations File All of the foosball playing locations I've managed to collect, mostly locations in the USA, but some entries for other countries are listed. This is the older file that is autoposted to RSTS; It is not current. The latest versions is now at The Foosball Source from Clay Gump, who now keeps the N. American playing locations, so if you have any updates or changes you wish to make, don't e-mail me, but go to the Foosball Source, and use Clay's handy on-line editing form to add playing locations. I may add international locations at post it to RSTS in the future (3/98).

The RSTS Charter and Glossary The foosball glossary and newsgroup charter for foosball and subbuteo. The original Foosball Frequently-Asked-Questions File. If you have anything you want to know about foosball start here. This glossary is cross-indexed, and you can look up sources of information... for example, look under "books," or "videos," or 'audio" for mass-media products about foosball you can purchase.

The Brush Passing Guide A How-To Guide for one of the most difficult, but most essential techniques in tournament play. Learn to pass effectively today! Primarily intended for rookie-level serious player as well the casual player who doesn't intend to practice.

USTSA Rules of Play The official rule book from the United States Table Soccer Association, in all the excruciating detail you could ask for. Reproduced here with the kind permission of the USTSA. Newly updated to the January 1995 revision, appended with Adrian Zamora's Rules Clarification from the Officiating Clinic at the Worlds in August 1996. Note (5/98) there are newer rules available with some minor modifications to the rules I have here; once I get some time I'll post them here as well. However for all practical purposes, the rules are still the same.
The Tornado Short Version of the rules A realistic little poster-format set of rules to post at your foosball table.

Learning Foosball A guide to foos from beginner all the way to very good players who haven't yet been to a large tournament. Also reviews the State of the Foos these days.

The Snake Shot and Pull Shot Guide The how-to guide for the two most popular shots on the pro tour of today. Both the snake and pull shot entries have been revised on 12/06/96 (v. 1.2 and 1.3 respectively). Added features include: a seven-step program to learn the snake, and detailed information on the importance of and how to practice the straight option on the pull. These tips are primarily intended for rookie-level players as well as more casual players who don't want to practice much at all.

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