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Some Major Sites in the USA:
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Dates, e.g. (5/99) indicate the last time I checked to make sure the site was active.

The Foosball Source The biggest and baddest of the Foosball web sites. Formerly the Foosball Home Page (dcs.umd.edu). The Place to Be, from my foos friend, Clay Gump. (some choice Foosball Source direct links bulleted below):

NATSA (North American Table Soccer Association) Finally, a Player-Based organization for foosers. This is not a manufacturer-based organization. Big names in all sorts of play (Tornado style and French style) are involved in this organization. Just come to this link and see what they're all about. Tentative directors include the who's who of foosball: Ken Alwell, Kathy Brainard, Brian King, Robert Mares, Dave Gummeson, Steve Beine, Jim Waterman, Mary Moore, Bruce Nardoci (french foos/NC/SC), Jim Stevens, Adrian Zamora, and more. I'll add a full description here soon, but just come read their goals. If you don't know these names, they are national player champions, event officials, authors, sports video makers, regional promoters, independents, and more. This is awesome stuff! Go now! Go See! Join now and help start the new tour! (7/99)

VIFA Valley International Foosball Association Look here for updates on VIFA and USTSA tournament information
(Tornado/Valley tables).


American Foosball Association Brought to you by Mark Thompson. Membership info, olympic games petition, mail-order catalog of fooswear and parts all varieties of tables and their parts.

Inside Foos Videos of major tour events available here.(7/99)

The Dynamo Company A link from the maker of Dynamo and Stryker foos tables! Let's see that Stryker (16k) with the digital display, electronic ball dispenser, and of course the speedmeter in each goal! With the "perfectly round" ball? Sound familiar from my evangelizing in Learning Foosball FAQ 4? Air Hockey too, and more. Very helpful technical support staff via e-mail! (4/99)


RecRooms A Tornado vendor and keeper of the on-line USTSA Winter Tour Points Book. Even VIFA's site links to this points book. Also has a Calendar of Events for USTSA and VIFA.

Bonzini USA The official site for Bonzini in the United States. Bonzini tables are "french style," and are similar to Rene Pierre in play. Balls can be made of cork, and the men are metal, and front toe shots reign supreme. See Bruce Nardoci's fascinating accounts of going to France for the Foosball Championships. Just click on the "Gallery"/History Section. (6/99)
The Player's Tour For the Players, By the Players. The Players Tour is the organization formed to represent the competitors of the sport. For the players to have a clearvoice in the direction table soccer takes, they need that voice to represent them exclusively. The Players Professional Table Soccer Tour is not affiliated with any of the table manufactures nor are we under organizations that were formed by the manufactures or their employees.  (7/99)

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