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Request for Discussion: Rec.Sport.Table-Soccer (RSTS)

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October 19, 1994

From: (Robert Kazuhiko Uyeyama)
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Subject: RFD:
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 19 Oct 1994 16:57:08 -0400
Organization: University of Hawaii
Lines: 93
Message-ID: <384174$3qb@rodan.UU.NET>
Group name:
Status: unmoderated
Distriubtion: world wide
Summary: Table-soccer of all types including foosball and subbuteo
Proposed-by: (Robert Kazuhiko Uyeyama)
This RFD crossposted to:
This is a formal request for discussion on the creation of the new newsgroup Discussion will take place for a minimum of 21
days after which voting will be handled by UVV, a neutral third-party.
Followups should be posted to: news.groups
Currently, discussion on table-top soccer representations is undesirably
fragmented. People interested in the version known as "subbuteo" have
periodic discussions on the, a very high-traffic group, as
well as several other smaller groups. Discussions about the version
known in North America as "foosball" occurs in the
This is not a well-distributed group with the consequence that there are
few contributions from interested persons outside of North America, with
the additional disadvantage that the word "foosball" is not used to
identify this sport in Europe, where interest in the sport is quite high. is intended to provide a common group for
discussions on all varieties of table-top soccer representations including
both foosball and subbuteo. Furthermore the name "table-soccer" is intended
to be easily decipherable by the international Net community.
REC.SPORT.TABLE-SOCCER is an unmoderated newsgroup intended to
provide a forum for ALL forms of discussion pertaining to the sports of
table-soccer, including "foosball" and "subbuteo."
Anybody interested in table-soccer is welcome to the group, from beginners
and the curious to nationally-ranked pros and persons in the industry.
Discussion is welcome from such people active in any state or country as
well as those devoted to play on any of the many brands of table-soccer
machines. Such discussions may include, but are not intended to be limited to:
I. The actual play of table soccer, including the rules of various
regions or organizations (e.g. USTSA, ATSF), as well as discussion about
technique (e.g. instructions and advice on shooting, passing, defense,
etc.) at all levels of play and on all varieties of tables.
II. Hardware, including table maintenance, renovation,
upgrading, and available sources for materials.
III. Announcements, of playing locations, tournaments, meetings,
newsletters, and other forms of networking and promoting the sport.
IV. Trivia, including the history and personalities of table-soccer.
Welcome to REC.SPORT.TABLE-SOCCER! In addition to miscellaneous
discussion, R.S.TS's other purpose is to provide a forum for
instruction in the sport. Since a significant number of players only play in
limited local areas, many are not aware that there are other types of
tables, a wide variety of shots, and various classes of competitive play
from local to world championships.
Hence, there are a series of instructional FAQ files
available to assist players in becoming competitive in the sport:
FAQ 1 Charter and Glossary of Terms v 3.3
FAQ 2 Brush-Passing v 2.4
FAQ 3 Playing-Locations v 1.7b
FAQ 4 Learning Foosball v 1.2
FAQ 5 USTSA Rules of Play v 4-92
FAQ 6 Snake shot and Pull shot v 1.1-1.2
It is our hope that instruction in the sport will serve not only to more
quickly increase the skill levels of the players, but also lead to
the growth of the sport itself at the competitive level.
These files are frequently posted and are also available by anonymous FTP
at the table-soccer FTP site at in /pub/foosball and by
e-mail request from

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