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Quicktime Virtual Reality Panorama of a Tornado Foosball table (62K):

Click and drag to see the panorama spin from within a Tornado foosball table with the ball pinned for a snake. Photography credits go to Gordon Furuto, who provided all of the flashes (this is harder than you think!) and camera expertise. I did the stitching and editing manually in Photoshop and then threw the image into the free application Make_QTVR. Quicktime (for Mac or Win95) from Apple is required (click here to obtain it free). This file works for Mac and Win95, but I'm told if you have an earlier version of Quicktime (before 3.0), it won't work. The perspective I used is a little warped from reality, but it communicated being inside a table better than the more naturalistic perspective, which turned out to be static and dull due to the lack of image quality because of all my Photoshop shenanigans. But it turned out *way cool*. QTVR file (c) 1998 Robert Uyeyama

QTVR Rotatable Objects to come soon...