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This is a list of People's Pictures of their Foosball Tables I have found on the Net and other random foos references. (These are sites not devoted to foosball, but which do have foosball content)...

Last modified 2/13/2000
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Links with pictures:
  (I have all of these pictures; if the link is no longer active, email me, and I'll post the pictures in the second section of this page)
Random family photo album "Goofster" 01/01
Visitors to Antarctica See that same table I have a photo of in the images section! Direct link to photo. (01/01)
Foosball during military service in Germany in the Early 60's: EM Club
Old B&W photo of men playing foosball in the Enlisted Men's Club. From Giff Kucsma (revised link 2/00)
Average Joe's Bar Page
Games People Play . About their Foosball League. (11/99)
(CAVE) Center Against Violence Everwhere (USA) Youth Center. Logo has foos image.
Paul's Tavern and Cabin Photo Album (USA) 1703 Main Street, South Belmar, New Jersey 07719 Tornado (6/99)
People playing Miniature Foosball (Hungary) This links directly to the image. I haven't been able to figure out which of the many .html files is its parent. Click here for the top of the page (KÖRÖSÖK VÖLGYE TURISTA EGYESÜLET ) (6/99)
Hungarian Human Foosball Waterpark Style (Hungary) Pepsi Logo on this, as well as running water, intended to be used by people in swimsuits! ÉLÕ CSOCSÓ: A régrõl ismerõs asztali foci megvalósítása "élõben". A 98-as nyár szenzációja volt a balatoni Pepsi strandokon és a Diákszigeten. Mérete 10 x 16 m. 8 - 8 fõs csapatok játszhatják. (6/99)
Route 66 Bar (Denmark) An American-themed bar with foosball. To see photo, go to "Products" then "Tafelvoetbal" Route 66; 3 Daensplein; 9300 Aalst België ;Tel : 053/71.10.21 (6/99)
Sítio Santo Antônio - Mairinque - SP (Brazil) Pictures of a resort(?)'s recreational building. There are about four pictures of the foosball table, and it looks like it's really made of solid wood; it's built like a tank, and is really pretty because of all the wood in the cabinet and legs. Click here for top of Sitio Santo Antonio.(6/99)
Hotel Fredy (Brazil) See bottom right for picture of recreational rooms. Foosball is "Pebolim". (6/99)
St. Elmo's Bar (Japan) has foosball. You may have to click here to see foos pics. (6/99)
Tornoi de babyfoot o3g (France) (6/99)
Eric & Joan's Mississippi Adventure (US)(4/99) Eric vs. Mark on a Tornado while vacationing along the Mississippi.
Sportscafe Triangel (Germany) (4/99)
Sistema de Movimineta para futbolín (Spain) (4/99) Photos and schematic for a unique 2-bar goalie-war style foosball table.
Nightclub & Bar Magazine (US) (2/99) A brief article on coinops which has a picture of a tornado.
Beer Bar Mugishutei, (from Japan!) (1/99) One of the few Japanese links I found using my brother's Kanji kit-enabled browser. There's a picture of a table, and the rest is in Japanese.
Oxford Tutors playing table football (foosball) during tea. (6/98) This link is directly to the pictures, I haven't found the actual page yet...
McMurdo, ANTARCTICA Yeah, this is for real, foos in Antarctica... maybe I'll stick it in the playing locations file...News Flash 2/98: About a year ago, I asked the keeper of this page, Rob Holmes, if he could take some foosball pictures the next season he went "down South." He followed through, so come see what kind of foosball table is installed in cold, cold McMurdo Base in Antarctica. Also lots of pics of Antarctica, South Pole, McMurdo Base, and a great South Pole FAQ. (6/98)
Condo Rental in Silverthorne, CO This links straight to the photo of a 2 bed 2 bath condo with a foos table in it. Or see the top of the web page. (6/98)
Rough Guides on West Africa Tour book label and music label has a picture of a wonderfully ornate foos table in West Africa. This image at the website isn't that great, but you can see the original to examine the really nice ornate woodwork (curls, green paint, and all) if you go check out the book (in the travel section of a bookstore) (2nd edition ISBN 1-85828-101-6. 1312 pages, 156 maps US $24.95 CAN $34.99 U.K. L15.99 Buy the book 1800 788-6262) , or the CD, "The Rough Guide to West African Music"...Also see the "foosball images" section of this web page for a great hi-res picture of this image. Link modified (6/99)
O'Riley's Billiards, Food, & Bar Tons of foos pictures including a foos gallery throughout this site, see also halloween parties. (972) 235-2781
MegaPlay Entertainment Center's Foos Page Lots of pics, try this photo or try this one From Mishawaka, Indiana, (219) 254-0100
Ferndale Internet Experiment Donna scores in foosball... I don't get it... and what about Graciela? Penultimate set of images at bottom of file. This link is down (6/98)
Sojourner Truth House at the University of Michigan The second image is the foos one. (6/98)
Exhibitionist Amateur Triple D Sexpot by a foosball table really. if you want, you can see her front page Allison says: We all know what's under this little top...It's all a matter of whether you can be man enough to handle them! Are you man enough? JOIN now and you can see me living, breathing and caressing myself as I think of you watching me move. Yeah yeah, what's the big deal, it's only foosball... (6/98)
MURDER OF A FOOSBALL TABLE by an air hockey table Talk about shoddy build construction. I freely admit I still cringe just looking at it though! Horrible. From Matthew Elridge at Stanford. Image is at the bottom of page after the kites and the aforementioned air hockey table; click on it for full size image. The foosball table was incrementally "damaged" over time, and eventually was put out of its misery by the air hockey table, aggresively accelerated over 8 feet. Link updated 2/98. Click here to go directly to full sized image
Foos on a visit to Tokyo in Roppongi or for if you want, check out the full narrative with the picture (6/98)
Tavern Players Magazine The web page for a great periodical about bar sports (darts, billiards, foos, etc.) with tournament info of all sorts. PO Box 1070 Laconia NH 03246, (603) 524-9154. This links straight to the foosball picture, but here is the link for the magazine's home page. Does anyone recognize all the foosers in this pic? Where is this bar? I'll list it here if you let me know... (5/98)
The foos scene in the Simpsons. (.mov format) I couldn't find the top of this web page, but I found this movie file at in ~pahk 's directory. (5/98)
MURDER OF A FOOSBALL TABLE, Part II, by a lynch mob at Rutgers Univ Omega Kappa Tau. The caption is: ...our last fooseball table, after we got the new one... Maybe they look so happy because they got a Tornado. Poor old table though... ouch I can't stand it! It *hurts* me to look... tell me when it's safe to open my eyes again... It's the third image from the top. This link may be defunct. (3/98)
Sam Roseman's Home Page One of the small group of original contributors to the foosball mailing list, and later, May still operate as a promoter via GamePro Amusements in Champaign, IL. We paired long ago in the USTSA kickoff in SF in 1994.
From Sony & the movie "The Fan", WOW: on-line foosball to PLAYABLE on your browser!!! (link updated 6/98, if it doesn't work, try this one) only 78K, and you need the "Shockwave" plug-in. I guess there's ShockRave out now, figure it out yourself... Wow. Plug-in about 1 Meg. Also, you can get the downloadable version of the foosball game (Mac/Win95 about 600-800K link updated 6/98). Anyone got audio/video clips of foos from The Fan? E-mail me if you do!
Ken Siggin's Western Design Conference-Winning Cowboy Douglas Fir Log Foosball Table: From the web page for The Wyoming Companion (Journal of the West & Western Travel), the most beautiful table I have ever seen. 2 pics of the table from designer Ken Siggins of his company Triangle Z Ranch Furniture in Cody, Wyoming (PO Box 995; Cody, WY 82414; (307) 587-3901). Not really bamboo, although it looks it. For more in fo on the western design conference, call 888 685-0574. (6/98)
Yugo Foosball Yes, a Yugo Automobile made into a foosball table by New York artist Kevin O'Callaghan. A must-see! My art-critic comment: note the "new-version" grey and white TS men in the audience watching the "old-style" flesh-tone red- and blue-uniformed TS men. All this in a lost past, the Yugo, which represents the downfall of our dedication to consistent promotion of a new generation of foosers to keep the sport alive. Also see Mr. O'C's Yugo Toaster, Yugo Diner, Yugo Baby Grand Piano, etc.
Yugo Foosball 2: another set of pics from the same show from someone else who attended. I think this pic is the better one, you can see the woodwork really well; the wooden feet in place of automotive tires is really funny looking. (5/98)
Cow Foosball Table Clay loves this one.
Human Foosball Table One Have this set up at your next birthfay party... from Funservices of Minnesota, N&S Dakota: (612) 535 9003 and (800) 929-4664. (5/98)
Human Foosball TWO From Total Rebound... 9 feet tall!!!
Human Foosball THREE From Entideas a provider of party games such as the Velcro Wall, Virtual Snowboarding, Human Bowling, Mini Golf, Sumo Wrestling, and an assortment of kids' carnival games. (Updated link 4/98)
Human Foosball FOUR from Event Games
Human Foosball FIVE from Acme Party Works. (5/98)
Human Foosball (Human Table Football) SIX From Verve in Ireland which does promotional marketing, corporate event management, & entertainment.
Human Foosball SEVEN From Party Outfitters (3/99)
Human Foosball Eight from Absolute Amusments (3/99)
See also Hungarian Human Foosball near top.

The Links-Disappeared-But-I-Kept-The-Pics Section
From my anti-404-not-found Insurance Library of Pics. Original Links are cited as documentation of where these came from for your curiosity.

Tom and Yung play foosball At RPI, Alpha Chi Rho. Problem w/the photo is, you can't see the foosball table. But what else could Yung be holding in his hand? (6/98) Original Link.

Foos at Bucknell Univ's Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Phi Chapter Foos during the Sammy Speakeasy 1996. (6/98) Original Link.
Foos at the TEP house at MIT This is the newly revised link (2/98), within TEP's virtual tour of their house. . . and it's a Tornado, hurrah! Tornado should promote their tables to frats and colleges more... just a thought ... The TEP house tour still exists, but the foos picture is gone in the new web page (6/98)Original Link.
Boys and Girls Club of Abilene .....(6/98) Original Link.

The no pics Foosball Section

some interesting stuff here though!
Salon za igru "Gallo" (Croatia) Zabavni salon "Gallo" Terminal, Supetar - Braã; Tel. (021) 631-349. Look for the words "stolni nogomet" which translate to "table soccer." A game center in a resort town in Croatia (Hrvatska) on the gorgeous Dalmatian coast. For the ENGLISH description of this beautiful coastal resort town, click here. (11/99)
College Bars near Oxford University (UK) search for "table footie" which is the term this page uses for foos. (11/99)
"The Fooseball Guys" skit by John Dylan McNeill Who says you can't mix fiction and foosball? (11/99)
Jon's NYC Page How to see NYC, including NYC etiquette, cheap good drinking holes, and of course foosball (11/99)
The Virtual Bar's Game Room A list of links to all activities bar-related. (11/99)
Le Babyfoot au pavillon André-Aisenstadt not much here, just a paragrpah or two in French (11/99)
Tom's Carstensen's Stuff: Foosball, Fish, and a Jeep Some things that no human on the planet should be wihout: Tornado foosball table, a huge fishtank, and a Jeep! (11/99)
Jean-Charles Bonin's babyfoot links (11/99)
Jeff Winter's Hobbies Jeff is a USTSA semipro, I think. (11/99)
Fernando Acosta's Procrastination Guide "Try to forget about your girlfriend by playing one more game of foosball" (11/99)
The War Against Silence music page.Enter the word "foosball" into the search field and article that mention (sometimes lots of) foos come up. Small excerpt from article ".TWAS 129: Verbow, Radiohead, Michael Penn" : The real problem, actually, was not that foosball left us unable to concentrate on what our investors' money was supposed to be underwriting,...The rules of Chaosball, for those of you with foosball tables who wish to try it, are as follows. The game is always played two-on-two (one-on-one Chaosball is physically possible, but a hopeless mess, and officially unsanctioned). Each attacking player begins the game with one ball in hand, and at the starting cry they fling them into play (service subtleties are deprecated in Chaosball) and everyone begins whacking at the two balls with as little finesse as possible. When a goal is scored, the victimized defender must retrieve the ball and return it to play promptly (doing this without getting instantly scored upon with the other ball takes some practice), while at the other end of the table the defender of the team that scored must also record the tally with one hand while play continues. A dead ball cannot be touched or re-served, it must be dislodged with the live one. We made up a rule at one point about what to do if both balls become marooned in neutral zones at once, but I've forgotten what it was, and in several months of play the situation has never come up. As noted earlier, the harder, more irregular and more uncooperative foosballs you can find, the better. Chaosball games go by extremely quickly, so matches are always two-out-of-three. And if you play during company board meetings, close the conference room door first. . . (6/99)
Enciclopedia del Rock Argentina "Metegol" (1980) Raúl Porchetto. I guess an album by the name "metegol," which means foosball was made by a famous Argentinian rock musician. I'm not sure if it also means something else, but for now until I receive a translation, I'll assume it's foos related. Viven escalando la gran cima/ pateando el amor de los demás, /buscando/hacer mal toda su vida/para llegar a comprar el silencio del mundo, / a comprarse alguien para amar, /convencerse que son elegidos, algo especial. /// Todo lo que hagas pibe no es bueno, / hoy ser joven no tiene perdón, / sos la pelotita de este juego, /un metegol. /// Míralos como van a la mentira, /cómo le corren a la verdad, /¿qué anda pasando con la vida, qué libro usás? / Mirá cómo hablan, mirá cómo viven, /mirate que estamos igual.(6/99)
3D Tafelvoetbal (Denmark) A CD-ROM video game for windows. I found this on several sites, and I think this link is the software manufacturer's site. (6/99)
French Joke Archive Foosball is "babyfoot" in French... Scroll down to joke #105... here it is: C'est les Jeux Olympiques pour nains a Pagran-sur-pattes. Les organisateurs ont pense a tout : la taille du stade est plus petite, les buts sont adaptes, le ballon est plus petit. Bref tout a ete etudie dans les moindre details. Le match de foot commence, tout se passe bien les 2 equipes s'eclatent comme des fous. Arrive la mi-temps, nos petits joueurs se dirigent vers les estiaires. L'entraineur va voir l'organisateur : "Ecoutez, on est embete, on sait vous avez pense a tout mais les toilettes sont trop haut : mes joueurs en foutent partout quand ils sautent pour essayer de pisser dans la cuvette, et sauter ca les fatiguent..." "Ah oui c'est vrai, on est desole... Attendez Chez Dede le bar d'en face il y a des chiottes a la turc..." Tout nos joueurs s'en vont chez Dede... Ils entrent dans les toilettes et font ce qu'ils ont a faire... L'equipe de foot de nains retourne vers le stade au pas de course en groupe. A ce moment la, un pilier de bar completement bourre gueule : "EH DEDE !!! y'a ton babyfoot qui se fait la malle !!!!" (6/99)
Serbo-Croatian Joke Archive It's a long archive with only one foosball joke; foosball is "stolni nogomet" in Croatian (literally "table football/soccer") so if you are interested, do a FIND command in your browser for "stolni nogomet." Anyways here's the joke right here, from D.J. Skodra: Q: Kako se zove stvar na koju stavljas nogu? ?!? A: stolni nogomet! This translates roughly to what do you call where you put your foot? The answer being a pun, roughly a "foot-put-table", since the word for soccer, or football, sounds similar to foot-put. Thanks to Marina, the Croatian translation sensation. (6/99)
BIF Billard (Germany) has tournament listings. (4/99)
Moe's surf-up bar; party deck Did you know Moe's 4 statistics about foosball? No pics (except for the bikini contest).
Bardy's World's Foosball Page Author frequents the 6-Tornado Charles Billiards in Glendale, CA. Let's see some pics of you guys playing! No pics. Cool site... really cool...
Fisher's Fabulous Funhouse Foosball and Shotgun Rules No pics.
Princeton's Center for Jewish Life foosball Table No pics. New link (6/98) to the Coatroom.
Steve Evans home page w/reference to foosball. No pics yet.
Foos wheel of fortune from Eric Powell. No pics
How to Have Fun on Foosball and (Ultimate) Frisbee by Cameron Betts. No pics.
Travis Bacon and Jason Stuke's Page of sports and activities Golf, Basketball, Fooseball. If you've got a pic of Greg Norman, what about one of a fooser? or you guys? No pics.
Eastern Michigan Univ. Kid's Summer Fun Camp The front page photo may change; it used to have a Tornado Twister photo... but for now no foos pics.
In French, a random article on foos and math from Le journal de l'Association des Étudiants en Informatique et Recherche Opérationnelle de l'Université de Montréal

Mass Media, Celebrities, etc.
Duncan Sheik Interview mentions foosball. Who? A musician who opened for Jewel. (11/99)
Cheers episode 9.13. "Achilles Hill" (209) - Aired 10 Jan 1991. Sam, bedeviled by John Hill, decides to exorcise the demon by dating his daughter; Carla thinks the foosball table is possessed. If this link doesn't work, try This one at
Friends' Matthew Perry plays foos A random factoid at a fan page.
Friends' Episode "Joey Moves out" where Chandler plays foos (See near bottom of text). Audio clip listed below is noted at top of this page as no longer functional, until it is fixed, so as of now (2/98) the audio links are not working... but you can still read the screenplay. Available is an audio clip (66K) where he says, "Stop talking to your men!" while you can hear foosing. Also see the episode entitled The One with the Prom Video for foosball related scenes.
Friends: Other important episodes: Season One, They buy the foosball table in: 1.12 THE ONE WITH THE DOZEN LASAGNAS Original Airdate 01-12-95 Ross' ex-wife, Carol, learns the sex of their child, but insists she wants it to be a surprise. Rachel eventually spills the beans, and Ross is thrilled he'll soon have a son. Meanwhile, Paolo gives Phoebe a massage, and makes a pass at her. After much debate among the group, Phoebe eventually tells Rachel, who breaks things off with Paolo. Ross is ecstatic, until Rachel swears off men forever. Joey and Chandler's kitchen table breaks, and they end up bickering like a married couple over what to buy. Eventually they settle on a practical piece, a foosball table. Season Two, Tom Selleck plays foosball (see video here at Foosball Heaven): 2.20 THE ONE WHERE OLD YELLER DIES Original Airdate 04-04-96 Upset that he's missed many of Ben's 'firsts,' Ross asks Carol and Susan to have Ben for the whole weekend, where Rachel explains she's uncomfortable around the baby. Ross says she'll feel comfortable when they have their own, which leads to a heated debate, where Ross says he's involved for the long haul. Monica begs Chandler and Joey to hang out with Richard. Although originally intimated by his age, they have a blast, Joey smokes a pipe like Richard, Chandler grows a mustache like Richard, and Richard spends his time playing foosball. Phoebe learns that Old Yeller dies, a secret her mother kept from her, as well as that ET goes home, Rocky loses, and Charlotte dies.
Atari Lynx World Class Soccer/Foosball Cartridge... I'm still looking for any link, but I know it's cartridge #PA2037... Although I've found one person who owns it and maybe he'll trade...
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Episode Guide at RTFM Search for "foosball" or scroll down to episode MST3k 205 Rocket Attack USA; Short: Phantom Creeps part 2; Airdate: October 27, 1990 Water foosball invented by MS. If this link (at the rtfm- read the friggin manual- archive) doesn't work, try This link at or This link from the UK
Leif Garrett's Filmography Link revised 2/98. Leif had the starring role in the 1981 Foosball movie LONGSHOT (there's also one called "The Longshot" which is different); the former 70's teen idol has still been making films. Check out this filmography is at The Best Video Guide ( Johnny Lott, of course, was the foosball "stunt double" :-) for the over-the-top "rainbow shot." (4/99)
Dazed and Confused movie interview w/director Richard Linklater. There is a foosball scene in this movie, it's set in 1976! However this link only has a brief mention of a foostable in the director's office, but if you're interested in the film, go ahead... I'll try to find more interesting Dazed & Confused Foos soon... by the way the foos scene has the best action shots (from within the table!) of foosball in recent memory. If you want to see a movie clip of the foosball scene from this movie, see my foosball multimedia page.
Weezer: Evidence that Pat from the band Weezer plays foosball. No foos pics. (5/98)
Rumour has it, a VIP from THE LA KINGS ICE HOCKEY NHL FRANCHISE has foos-fever... maybe we can interview him here on this web page & persuade him to persuade his players to play foos in a few of the many local weekly LA Draw-your-partner (DYP) tourneys? I heard it through the grapevine from my cousin Garrett Kakita of La Canada, CA, who worked with the Kings, and even operated the message display board at their stadium in LA. ....................(go sharks!)

Curiosities: Foos at software/hardware companies, and one college bowl

7 Cyber St. This computer training & support center has a leisure room for time off from that monitor: foosball! (6/99)
Dell Computer Careers Page Dell Computer specifically notes they currently have no positions available for people to play foosball. See the text bar on the left of this page. No Images.
IBM in New York IBM's new Manhattan presence includes a rec room with foosball. No images. Anyone work here, got some pics?
Lightspeed Software Summer Olympic Games Foosball is an event. No images.
Bristol software company Has foosball & ping pong in employee lounge... employees are hooked if you look at their pages. No images.
The Association of College Unions International had a competition (bowling, billiards, foos, chess) with representatives from colleges from 5 states. Harkens back to the good old days of the GE College Bowl. No images.

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