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Dates, e.g. (5/99) indicate the last time I checked to make sure the site was active.

American Amusement Arcades Foosball Page Twin Cities Area. List of Tournaments (2/99).

Arizona Foosball

Arizona The Player's Corner if this link doesn't work try this one. (2/00)

Foosball Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia area news, including USTSA big tour events. From fooser Rick Petro. (1/99)

Atlanta Foos Another site from Rick Petro, all color (?) and he boosts atlanta foos and He has scans of the USTSA Flyers. If these links don't work try this older link

Players Tour 5000 Atlanta Atlanta information, and photos from Masters USTSA Tour stop in Atlanta and the Players Tour events results. Also, they have no internal link, but click here for the 1998 USTSA Winter Tour Points listing kept at this site.

Average Joe's Sports Bar Page Games People Play. About their Foosball League (11/99)

Da Boys of Campbell Pool & Pizza (Northern California, San Jose, CA) See pics from their visit to the USTSA Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas. See Marvelous Marv, Chad, Bruce, etc. (11/99)

Larry Hegler's Pueblo, Colorado Foosball Page

Denver Colorado: Break-Room Register for $3000 Colorado State Championships on website (2/00)

Daytona Foos Headquarters from Florida and the Godfather of Foosball, organizer of the Players Tour Union, Ben Davis (Revised Link 2/00).

MegaPlay Entertainment Center's Foos Page Lots of pics, try this photo or try this one From Mishawaka, Indiana, (219) 254-0100

IllinoizNorthern Illinois Foosball (2/00)

Iowa Foosball Brand spankin' New Page (6/98).

Foos House South Florida... Big web page for tournaments, especially at Palm Beach Billiards. Also a vendor for tables & parts. Call them at (561) 793-0076, or their foos hotline at (561) 329-1781. Cool pages w/lots of animations. (6/98)

Michigan Foosball Registry (2/00)

Foosball Minnesota Home Page from webmaster Brad Anderson

Friends of Foosball Association Kung Foos: Very snazzy well-designed graphical foos page (VSWDGF) based out of Lawrence, Kansas. They do it their way (you'll see). Chat room and mailing list too.

Hawaiian Foosball Lanai at Foosball Heaven it's right here, and here's a link too. All about Foosball in Hawaii.

Indy Amusements Vendor, but also sponsors Leagues with Coors, in Indianapolis (2/99)

Tulsa, Oklahoma Foos News Tournament info, schedules, etc.

O'Riley's Billiards, Food, & Bar Tons of foos pictures including a foos gallery throughout this site, see also halloween parties. (972) 235-2781

Quatto the Mutant's Fooz home page Lots of pics of the table at Poor Paul's Pourhouse in Tallahasee, FL

Stormfront Foosball League (SFL) Home Page

Table Soccer Limited (TSL) (Northern Calif) Foosball info from former champ Phil Schlaefer for foosers at over 25 locations in Northern California and the SF Bay Area, where recently he has run a foos league and further in the past kept foos alive at his San Jose store Heroes, where I met him once. Good luck Phil! New URL updated 4/99.

TNT Foosball Promotions' Foozer's Paradise From Oklahoma City. Learn how to help Tornado victims via charitable foosball tournaments. (5/99)

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