Other Foosball Stuff for Sale

Dates, e.g. (5/99) indicate the last time I checked to make sure the site was active.

Airplay Aerial Table Soccer System Vendor can modify your Tornado table for three dimensional soccer play
American Foosball Association Has lots of T-shirts in addition to their other wares. (7/99)
DeadBall palm-sized ball to be squeezed by the hand. Great for wrist problems, and staying warm during tournaments. E-mail Mike Archer at this link for information. (7/99)
DIY Foosball Table Blueprints Do it Yourself, Build a Foos Table. (11/99)
Foos Lube
Inside Foos Webpage Videos of major tour events available here, as well as Fundamentals of Foosball. Direct e-mail: insidefoos@aol.com. Videotapes (VHS) of USTSA/Tornado/Valley Tournaments, with live sports commentator. Great stuff! Watch them and learn. (6/99)
Gittew13.com Foos T-shirts from GITTEW13. I like the black silhouetted foosman on marble. He's got hats and other things now, and you can usually see these products being sold at USTSA big Tour events. (6/99)
Goalie Flex A device to hold your defense as you wish while you practice shooting or passing. A time saver! For information, call Spirit Mollice at (619) 230-9386.
"The Inner Game of Tennis" Book by W. Timothy Gallwey, Bantam Books, ISBN 0-553-20985-X) and "The Inner Athlete" have been recommended for professional attitude training for sports. Has been recommended by many pro foosball players. It may be out of print, but is easily available at used book stores, or try an on-line search service such as at Amazon.com.
Logo Creations. T-shirts only. email: foosball@logocreations.com(6/99)
Pushkick Book from Reid Abel (reid_abel@excite.com) (updated email 3/2004) Reid's got a killer pushkick, and he gives you some great tips how. The book is out of print, but due to growing demand, he may just bring it back. If you are interested, please email him to get on his waiting list.
Rod Lock Vendor for a third-party device to hold two goalie rods stationary for practice shooting. Saves time... (6/99)
The Stick A Training tool... link hosted at The Foosball Source (7/99)
Who's Who of Foosball Book (kbrain9999@aol.com)(direct e-mail) by Kathy Brainard, well known as a player, promter, and co-author with Johnny Lott on his classic "The Complete Guide to Foosball", has recently (1996) come out with "Who's Who of Foosball"-- email her at this link or voice mail at (509) 466-1000 et. 4298 for more info, the book is about $20). Kathy now serves as a board member of NATSA.

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Also try:
sliced bumpers as training aids, sliced to the thickness you need, for example a 1/2 finger width for shots or passes; slice them as thin as you need, then slice one side all the way to center so that you can slip them on the rod easily, to keep a rod at a fixed distance from the wall. Work your way to that deadbar shot you've always wanted!

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