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Dates, e.g. (5/99) indicate the last time I checked to make sure the site was active.



Usenet's rec.sport.table-soccer (RSTS) The oldest foosball discussion forum on the internet. All of the big names from pro players, manufacturers, and promoters are here. Have a question? An item for sale? Announcing your website or product? Need a partner for the next tournament? Or just want tips and listen in on who's who in foosball today. Just come here. International foosball and Subbuteo discussions welcome. You need a newsgroup-capable browser or utility.

The making of RSTS A Foosball Heaven Exclusive!

Yahoo's Foosball Club This is probably the only other discussion group of general interest worth looking other than rec.sport.table-soccer. Started in 1999 by a national champ from the 70's (Phil Kennedy) and a Malaysian foosball player (clarencel), discussions have recently ranged from the history of table soccer as well as a sports statistics database for foosball. You may browse through messages and lurk, and if you want to post, you must become a member of yahoo clubs, which is free and has no strings attached. It's just so others know who you are when you post. Just click "view all" to get good sample of messages. Also has links, a photo gallery, and a chat area once enough people join. This is the oldest and most active Yahoo club about Foosball. (8/99)

Also very active at Yahoo Clubs:


Yesterdayland: A site where people get to reminisce about things in the past. Not the same sort of discussion group as those above. Direct link to the foosball section. (01/01)

Coming soon: I know there are a few chat lines out there, as well as a newsgroup at a spanish site, and a few regional ones at yahoo, and many of the German sites have discussion areas, as does the Foosball Malaysia site.



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